Dare’N’Deal one step away from Offerna and Cobone trying to catch up

Today we are comparing three of the largest daily deal coupon sites in Cairo not in terms of features and offers but rather in terms of popularity based on their fan base.

The facebook likes that a business have is a result of many factors such as the offered product popularity, facebook advertising budget, marketing messages but above all real time interaction and customer support that is provided to by the page admins.

Dare’N’Deal was launched in February 2011 followed by Offerna in March 2011 and then Cobone Cairo in May 2011. Although Cobone Cairo was the last site of the three to launch, in mid July 2011 Cobone Cairo fans (75k) were more than Offerna (37k) and Dare’N’Deal (26k) fans combined!

Dare'N'Deal, Offerna and Cobone Cairo fan base comparison

Dare'N'Deal, Offerna and Cobone Cairo facebook fan base growth

Today, Dare’N’Deal stands with the highest facebook fans count (256k), followed by Offerna (239k) which is just 7% behind and then finally comes Cobone Cairo with 153k fans

One important decision that one should never miss in a facebook campaign is whether to forward the ad traffic to his fan page and eventually the conversion will be having a new fan that will get notified about future updates of the page and is likely to get engaged in the or the decision could be just to forward the traffic directly to the offer landing page, a conversion in this case would be actually to buy that offer which is less likely to happen as the online buying decision usually take a longer process especially when it comes to coupons as the user always feels he can get a better bargain if he checked more offers or coupon sites.


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