Dare ‘n’ Deal Offers and Andrea Restaurant

yesterday we celebrated releasing our first product with my new team, we bought 7 tickets from dare ‘n’ deal website offers us to have a low price service , the offer is great and we like it, Andrea restaurant is a beautiful place, except one thing that we hate.

we bought 7 tickets to use them for 5 guests but the restaurant told us we can’t use 7 tickets for 5 guest, only 1 ticket per guest

the funny thing is that we called the restaurant before reserving the tickets and they said it’s OK to buy 7 tickets and use them for 5 guests, but at the restaurant their decision changed dramatically.

also there is a bad behavior we noticed from the waiter, the tickets doesn’t include Nile tour , so every 15 minutes he come and remind us that the Nile tour will start 7:30, “ok we knew it, we did knew that the tour will start 7:30”

also about the food, which is the main discussion here, the food was not as we expected, grilled dished was too grilled, actually was half ashes half burned, and some main dished wasn’t well done like “rice with shrimps” dish.

at last, thank you Andrea for your great hospitality, we’ll come again (in the next life).

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Hala Deals Interview: The First Egyptian Group Buying Site With Half a Million Fans

When I look back at Egypt’s group buying site reviews that i did in last August, I figured out that a lot has changed in the group buying market since then. There is no question that Hala Deals is the fastest growing group buying site in Egypt in terms of its fan base, Hala Deals fans based has dramatically expanded from 2,000 fans in mid August to almost half a million fans on Facebook now!

The success secrets are revealed in today’s interview with Mohamad Kaloub the Marketing Director of Hala Deals.

Mohamad Kaloub, Marketing DIrector, Hala Deals

­­Tell us about your journey to becoming the Marketing Director at Hala Deals?

My journey started in Canada when I was in my first year of university studying Business at the University of Toronto. A good friend and fellow business major approached me with a business idea that I could not turn down; an event management agency that catered to the student population. We registered our business, incorporated the mother company as First Ad Solutions Inc., and named our first brand “X Productions”. After a few months, we decided to shift gears and venture off into Direct Mail. We created our second Brand called Consumer’s First. It was a digest that catered to local businesses who wanted to increase their awareness using a cost effective approach. After two years we realized that the print industry has become very saturated with many competitors offering similar, if not the same services. We conducted a market analyses and found that the print industry was in a decline, so we decided to diversify into the realm of Digital Media.

I have to say, the transition was not easy, but the potential reward ignited our drive. Three years later, I received an offer to join the board of Directors at Hala Deals. I was excited about the opportunity, yet skeptical of the challenges that we would be facing. This was a very difficult decision to make for the reason that First Ad Solutions was on its way to breaking record profits. However, I studied my options very closely and accepted the offer. In North America, I have seen businesses under this model fail miserably, and others rise above the crowd so I began strategizing an approach that would take Hala Deals from being a small start up to now one of the leading Group Buying sites in the region. Ever since I came to Cairo, I never once looked back.

Although you launched after other group buying sites you managed to have around half a million facebook fans in a few months, how did you manage to do that?

In today’s competitive business environment, no company can survive without a strong Social Media presence and we know that fact very well. It was integrated into the Marketing Strategy from day one and I am well aware of the return it has to offer. As this industry is constantly changing, it is crucial that we adapt with it, and the key here is to take the consumer along for the ride. Before Facebook came into existence, companies had it easy. They propagated their messages to the market in a one way stream with no care in the world for what the consumer had to say about their product or service. Little did many of them know, word of mouth; the most primitive yet most powerful form of advertising, would be the missing link. Now that these online social platforms have flourished, they will be neglected no more.

You can’t play a poor football game in a full stadium, but you also can’t play a great game in an empty stadium, you have to find the equilibrium and generate attractive content to your fans.

We were very keen on directing our message through a well established Facebook Fan Page, and this is where we allocated a chunk of our marketing budget towards. We launch various online marketing campaigns including Facebook Paid Advertisements and a QR integrated print campaign to enhance accessibility. This however is not the complete answer you are looking for, and this is why I want to top it off with a key point… content. We as human beings react to different things in many different ways, so the point here is to keep our fans happy with up to date content that’s fun, informative and interactive. Here is an analogy that sums this up: You can’t play a poor football game in a full stadium, but you also can’t play a great game in an empty stadium, you have to find the equilibrium and generate attractive content to your fans.

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Offeratak: Egypt’s First Daily Deal Aggregator Video

Offeratak is the one stop deal shop where you get ALL of the best daily deals in Egypt, ALL in one convenient place.

We collect the best daily deals from Cobone, DARE’n’DEAL, offerna.com and many, many more, so subscribe now and never miss a deal again… visit www.offeratak.com for more details..

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Chili’s Risking Its Reputation in Egypt with Low Quality Offers

Chili’s is always a name you relate with good time, delicious food and spending lots of money. Usually you don’t order home delivery from Chili’s unless you feel you are in a mode to indulge yourself, usually are the first week of the month when you get your salary.

When we saw chili’s offer on Otlob.com it looked great, 24 LE for a combo and 14 LE for a sandwich sounds like a great bargain especially when you think about mouthwatering taste of Chili’s.

So i ordered a hot dog (14 LE) and a deluxe burger (14 LE) and the below picture talks best about what i got:

The least i can say is that we could prepare sandwiches at home that taste better than this one… A piece of dry burger with a cheese slice in rich bake buns! Seriously you’ve gotta be kidding me.. I had no luck with the hot dog too… a sandwich that your mom prepares to you while studying tastes a way better.

Why are Chili’s doing this? cash grab? What about their brand and reputation? I’m sure this is one of their huge mistakes in the Egypt market.

What do you think? Share your opinion with us.

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Cobone Aims At Expanding User Base in Egypt

Cobone is trying to take attention in Egypt daily deal market with Hala Deals, Dare’N’Deal and Offerna online reputation going to the skies. Cobone is now offering 20 LE free credit when you register through the facebook ad they have. Click here to benefit from cobone discount

I love the neat design of their page:

Cobone free 20 LE offer

Cobone free 20 LE offer

I tried to register for that offer with my email address but it didn’t work, it gave an error saying “something went wrong” after i clicked on the confirmation email…. I tried again with a different email and it worked. However the did not give me 20 LE in my account, they only gave me 18.91 LE … weired… I want my 1.09 LE!!! Seriously, what a person can  do with 91 piasters? I’ve never seen fractions on daily deal sites in Egypt…

This is what i got in my account… The catch is that i have to use them in 10 days… that’s a sort of a pushed purchase, and i assume there will be another catch… I didn’t see it yet but i can almost swear that they will be a minimum limit to the deal value i buy in order to use my 18.91 LE promotional reward from Cobone Cairo… Perhaps i’m just being skeptical?

Cobone promotinal reward credit

Cobone promotinal reward credit



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Groupon Launches in Egypt Under Dare’N’Deal

Although no official statements have been made or any sort of PR, if you just type in www.groupon.com.eg in your browser Dare’n’Deal website will open but the URL remains Groupn.com.eg as it is.

Probably we could include from this that Groupon has bought Dare’n’Deal but they haven’t announced the deal yet. Remember you heard it first here!

Did Groupon Buy Dare'n'Deal?

Did Groupon Buy Dare'n'Deal?

Groupon site in Egypt has also been indexed by Google (246 pages are already indexed) as you see below

Groupon Egypt Site Has Also Been Indexed By Google

Groupon Egypt Site Has Also Been Indexed By Google

I’m sure we will hear some press news soon about this deal. Bring it on! Groupon and LivingSocial are now in Cairo!

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Dare’N’Deal one step away from Offerna and Cobone trying to catch up

Today we are comparing three of the largest daily deal coupon sites in Cairo not in terms of features and offers but rather in terms of popularity based on their fan base.

The facebook likes that a business have is a result of many factors such as the offered product popularity, facebook advertising budget, marketing messages but above all real time interaction and customer support that is provided to by the page admins.

Dare’N’Deal was launched in February 2011 followed by Offerna in March 2011 and then Cobone Cairo in May 2011. Although Cobone Cairo was the last site of the three to launch, in mid July 2011 Cobone Cairo fans (75k) were more than Offerna (37k) and Dare’N’Deal (26k) fans combined!

Dare'N'Deal, Offerna and Cobone Cairo fan base comparison

Dare'N'Deal, Offerna and Cobone Cairo facebook fan base growth

Today, Dare’N’Deal stands with the highest facebook fans count (256k), followed by Offerna (239k) which is just 7% behind and then finally comes Cobone Cairo with 153k fans

One important decision that one should never miss in a facebook campaign is whether to forward the ad traffic to his fan page and eventually the conversion will be having a new fan that will get notified about future updates of the page and is likely to get engaged in the or the decision could be just to forward the traffic directly to the offer landing page, a conversion in this case would be actually to buy that offer which is less likely to happen as the online buying decision usually take a longer process especially when it comes to coupons as the user always feels he can get a better bargain if he checked more offers or coupon sites.

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